Marsedit The best blogging software for Mac

best blogging software for Mac

I was pleased to see that the Marsedit was updated and one of the things is that it will now let me work on Pages in the blog and not just the blog posts. Thats a big plus for a start. And the logo  for this mac blog software has a fancy new rocket in there…

There is a new Rich Text editor. The rich editor offers an alternative to MarsEdit’s beloved HTML text editor. While you are writing your blog posts you can style text, arrange images, create lists and more without using HTML code. For me though I actually like working in the HTML because I can add things to the html making it better for the search engines. You can still use html though and that has also been improved in Marsedit, the best blogging software for Mac.

The updated HTML Editor with Advanced Syntax Highlighting. For those who prefer straight HTML we’ve added beautiful new syntax highlighting with different colours for attributes, keywords and tag structure, to make it easy to spot syntax errors at a glance.

MarsEdit 2 - Powerful Blog Publishing For Your Mac.png

Support for Custom Fields in the best blogging software for Mac

For WordPress and other blogs that implement the WordPress API, you can configure custom fields in MarsEdit to customise the post editing interface.

iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom Integration
Browse your media collections to find the perfect photo for your post. When you attach an image, MarsEdit lets you specify the size, name, and alternative text in one easy step.

Scheduled Media Attachments
With scheduled media attachments you can compose your posts with rich media even when completely offline. When you are ready to publish, the images or other media files are uploaded to your blog and inserted into the post.

Not a huge difference in some ways and that could be a good thing so that we are not left wondering what we should be doing with huge differences, but the things that are added have for me made quite a change. I like how I can set the size of an image and also that I can get the images from iPhoto. I think there are more improvements that could be made with how it handles pictures, but I like what I see so far in MarsEdit the Mac blogging software for professional bloggers.

If you are looking for software for blogging for Macs you wouldn’t go far wrong  by getting Marsedit 3. This Mac software blog tool is phenomenal when you have a number of blogs to look after. MarsEdit has to be one of the best softwares for mac. I use it almost daily to blog Mac style. What is it that Mac software developers do such a great job of providing us users and fans of the software for Macs? The Mac software is always so elegant and efficient and we get to use it on the best computer platform around and for me this app is the best blogging software for Mac.
Want to use blog software Mac based MarsEdit? Then go to the web site for Red Sweater Software and download the latest version to try out. I certainly recommend MarsEdit as the best blogging software mac, whether or not you are running a mac software blog or a blog about something else entirely.

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