iPad Available Internationally and there are prices announced

I see on the UK Apple Website and the Spanish web site that the International iPad prices are there for the iPad and at long last we have the iPad available internationally. The prices of the iPad in Britain are from £429 for the lowest priced model to £699 for the highest price model of the iPad and various prices in between. In Spain the iPad is coming in at €479 for 16 GB wifi only and topping out at €779 for the 64GB model with 3GS

magical and revolutionary iPad
We still have to wait until the 28th before they will be available in the hands of the punters but at least people will not have to resort to options like BundleBox to be able to get the iPad sooner rather than later. At least the iPad is coming in both wifi only and wifi with 3G flavours at the same time and is not staggered.

I like the look of the 32GB model for my wife to use in her professional capacity as a teacher. I was surprised to see that there are no educational discounts for the iPad. I wonder how long it will be be before there will be refurb models available? The currency conversion with the dollar to English pound looks OK, considering how Apple have done it in the past.

The 3G model has a £100 price difference to get the full GPS instead of the assisted GPS and the 3G receiver, for me I have a MiFi now and will be looking at using iPad with the MiFi. I did check out the prices of the iPad deal with Orange and I am not terribly impressed with the offering of €3.50 per day or €35 per month.

It does say “Navigate the internet without limits of megabytes and without compromise BUT when you look closer then there are limits. On the daily price you get 250MB and then the speed drops right off. With the monthly price you get 2GB and then again the velocity drops a crawl. Not quite what I would expect of no limits.