iPad a game changer

iPad a game changer

The hype is still there with many saying that the magical iPad is a game changer device. But is the iPad a computer or device. The way that it has been noted how people are using the iPad it certainly is in the realm of changing the landscape of the computing world. No one expected it to be so firmly presented as a device that is different from computers and mobile phone type devices, ending up in the space in between the two.

People are using the device in so many different ways, mainly as a way of consuming media, whether it be comics, newspapers, magazines, films, TV and video of the traditional media, to the new ways of presenting media as you find on web sites and also in some game changing iPad media applications. It seems that the advertisers and the web masters have already noticed that there has been a surge of traffic to their sites and their content by iPad users.

Steve Jobs and his attempts to squash Flash and bring in the rise of HTML5 to give the best viewing and computer using experience seems to be gaining ground. Programmers are clever people, surely they can easily made a change to newer more robust technologies rather than cling to the past. We will be able to see web sites that are still feature rich but work well with the touch interface. The Touch interface is the future and surely the great and the good of the computer business world will not want to be left behind by changing technologies

How are you going to react to the new wave of computing? Are you going to embrace the ingenious iPad and use one to devour online content and also the content that in the past was best in the traditional media outlets? What I would like to see is the demolition of the text book market so that kids can carry all of their text books in one device. Imagine how up to date the information will be and what that will mean to the education system and learning strategies in schools. It could almost make you want to go back to education again.

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