Mac20Q Podcast 94 Steve Wright – Photographer

Wrightway Photography - Steve Wright

Steve told me a funny story, although it probably wasn’t funny at the time. He was out and about shooting, in the no threatening way that photographers shoot things and out of the blue some cops come at him pointing as gun. The dim witted law enforcement officers, or maybe they just had poor eyesight though his camera was a gun.

Steve is a professional photographer and does wedding and event photography, he uses a Mac and is a Canon guy. Steve is enjoying the new DSLR cameras that do really good video capture. He has a Canon 7D. Straight away Steve was telling me that in his area things are picking up financially and business is good. I am so pleased so see such a positive outlook after all the doom and gloom that we see too often.

The iPad is a huge help to Steve in his business as he can so easily show photos to clients using the iPad. Since he bought his he can’t put it down. Uses it all the time for business and also for games. We all have to have some fun from time to time.

In my ramble I talk about my efforts to learn some cocoa programming to be able to make Mac and idevice applications. As part of that discussion I mention the use of MacJournal which I have been trying out and liking a lot. Telefonica get a poke for being a pile of rubbish for making me use a Windows machine and Internet Exploder. Then get an extra bad mark for forcing a download of an exe program file. Very bad !!