Convert the iPad into a NetBook hybrid


The iPad with its touch computer interface is not like a netbook, but Lapdock have had the bright idea to convert the iPad into a netbook with using a bluetooth keyboard in a special iPad case. The bluetooth keyboard side of things is not fully worked out yet but both Lapdock and Clamcase think it would be a good idea that with a hybrid Netbook iPad, the user will get the best of both worlds. What do you think is it a good idea for you and the way you expect to work with your iPad using a bluetooth keyboard with it. Or would you be better off with a docking station iPad.

I suppose there will be some dinosaurs that think it is vital to hang on to the past and the use of the keyboard rather than embrace the way of working with an Apple tablet on which it is designed for the fingers to do the walking. It may not be enough the get the Apple Keyboard dock and just use in certain occasions. Some people may prefer to have more to carry around with them. I personally don’t think it will be necessary.

The Hybrid Tablet Lives With Clamcase.png

I suppose one of the main factors will be the weight of the wrapper that is case and stand for the iPad. If it gets to be too heavy then you might well have a MacBook Pro in your computer bag. What you will have to ask yourself is “What problem does this iPad solution solve for me? You cold see this a middle ground while we are all in the process of adapting to the new world, game changing devices.

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