A Spondicious photo everyday

Spondicious Photography

I have recently started uploading a photo a day to the Google plus. I’m easily able to do this using the export feature out of Aperture and I have thousands of photos to choose from. I have no Hesitation in using filters and effects on the photographs that are choose to make public as I consider photography to be more making a piece of art than something to tell a visual truth. Every now and then I will choose a photo and I will do extra work with it to make a photographic piece of art. It could be that I will merge two or three photos together and use masking and filters to get as arty as possible. I might even do some drawing on top of it.

Photo posting to Google+

All of this photo publishing will go to Google+ As I think that social network is perfect for photographers and artists to exhibit work. If you’re not yet following me on Google plus please go have a look at the profile and add me to one of your circles. Here is one of the latest posts that I published lately.