Draft for Android – A better text editor

In the previous post I stated that LightPaper was possibly the best text editor for Android and while it is very good we also have to have a look at Draft as a very strong contender for the best text editor for Android. there are a number of really good sharing options within draft and of course it is very good for working with Markdown. One of the really good things about using draft is the fact that it is possible to have a widget on the Android screen  that lets you quickly create either a text document or a markdown document. Another good point is the fact that you can easily create folders so that you can organise your documents, making them easier to find. I do like the fact that the extra row of keys for adding markdown syntax is well-organised for the things that you need to do most. I can easily select a word and then tap on the button to turn it into bold or italics. I can do the same with word that I want to have as a link, it puts the square brackets around that word and it also puts in the round brackets to put in the link. I usually prefer to use the reference to links as I can put the actual hosting the link at the bottom of the text and it makes the text easier to read. The best way to do one of these types of links is to start the same way as you would an in-line link and then to remove the rounded brackets. Then do it again to put in the reference just after that text. Then once more to do the actual link at the bottom of the document. That does seem a little bit more complicated, but it isn’t really when you know what you’re doing. In any case I can choose whether I want to do the in-line links or reference links depending upon the documents that I’m working on.