Affinity Photo – Best iPad Photo Editing App

Affinity Photo – Best iPad Photo Editing App

Affinity Photo for iPad is an amazing app with great technical depth. So much so, I recommend watching all the tutorial videos available within the app. You could just try playing with all the menus and options, but you’ll be bound to miss a lot of what the app can do. It’s a Photoshop for iPad type of application. Affinity Photo can only be described as stunning and amazing. Let’s have a look at what can you do with Affinity Photo, the best iPad photo editing app?

Affinity Photo and iOS 11

The drag-and-drop facilities available in iOS 11 are put to good use in Affinity Photo. It’s easy to grab a number of files and bring them in to Affinity Photo for purposes of panorama creation, image stacking or blending with other images.

Dragging and dropping images

You might be the creative sort who likes to punish pixels and while it is possible to do that in Affinity Photo for iPad is also possible to do the fine level tweaking to images. Get images to a popping perfection rather than have them assaulting eyeballs and fly screaming into the viewers brain. Use the nondestructive editing process to apply filters to make fine adjustments to hue, saturation and levels. Work with the brightness and contrast with layers so you can go back later to further adjust your settings to achieve the perfect photograph. There are still lots of tools within the Affinity Photo for iPad application with which you can punish pixels if you want to. You don’t have to be subtle if you don’t want to be with the best iPad photo editing app out there.

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Amazing Selection Tools in Affinity Photo for iPad

There’s a huge range of tools you can use to select any part of your image. Once you have done a rough selection using the tool which selects up to edges, apply further refinement to get even the smallest, finest edges of an image selected. For example, when you have wisps of hair to select you’ll do that with the selection tools in Affinity Photo for iPad with finesse.

best affinity photo editing for ipad

Intelligently Defined Interface

In Affinity Photo there are a huge number of tools and it’s well set up for using with your fingers or an Apple Pencil. There are gestures such as the double tap on the screen to go between full screen and zoomed in selections. Two finger tap to bring up an extra contextual menu. You can use that to remove or invert a selection for example when in the selection persona. You’ll get a different contextual menu when you’re working in the photos persona. It is the intuitive interface which makes Affinity Photo the best iPad photo editing app.

On Screen Modifier buttons

Go in to settings and set the application up to use on-screen modifiers. You could be making a selection and change from add to the selection to subtract from the selection just by pressing on the on-screen modifier key.

Adding text to your design in best photo editing app Affinity Photo

In the photo persona there is a text tool and you can choose from art text and frame text. The art text is for single one-off pieces of decorative text and the frame text if you want to put in a paragraph of text. Whichever of these two text tools you’re using you have a number of character and paragraph typography settings. Not just for setting the colour, size and the font of your text, you also have typography, spacing, justifications and positioning.

Best iPad Photo Editing App has magic

After you have seen the way the In Painting tool works a number of times you will be convinced it is black magic! This is a tool you use to remove items from within a photograph and once it’s been done you wouldn’t know there was anything there before. You just have to paint over the object you want removed with the overlay red colour and hey presto it is gone!

Warping, Swirls and Twirls

It’s easy to get creative with these tools for moving pixels around on the page! You can really go wild and yet still keep the original safe on another layer. You can even turn a frown into a huge big happy smile. The warp tool puts a mesh across the whole of the image and you can see how the pixels have been shifted within the picture.

A wealth of tools for creativity in Affinity Photo

It’s great fun to use the effects tools you can find them in the fx studio on the right-hand side of the screen. Any effects that you add are added to the whole layer and more often than not you use them on text. Some excellent effects with making them 3D, outer shadows, gradient overlays, outlining and others too. Each of the effects has a set of controls so you can get exactly what you’re looking for from the effects. Also on the right-hand side you’ll find the brushes studio. If you start using some of the strange effects brushes on a layer you’ve already added 3D or bevel and emboss you’ll get some interesting results. It’s great for making some weird textures.

Best iPad Photo Editing App

What do you use Affinity Photo for?

If you need to do any sort of professional work with photos Affinity Photo is the tool for the job on the iPad. There are all sorts of filters, effects you apply to the whole of the photo, channels within selections or inside masks. You have a selection of brushes for making subtle adjustments to your photos. The app is not a drawing and painting application as you find with Procreate and yet there is room for creativity in making an image from scratch on a white blank canvas.

Working with photos you’re going to make use of the In Painting Brush, Clone Brush and other tools designed to remove imperfections from your photos. You have various traditional type tools such as dodging and burning, smudging, blurring and sharpening. Affinity Photo is the photoshop alternative to use on the iPad and you won’t be left wanting for photo editing tasks. If you are serious about photo editing on the iPad then Affinity Photo is a must buy.

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