Amadeus Pro – What is new with Version 2

Editing your sound files using Amadeus Pro 2

If you are podcaster, then you’re undoubtedly going to want to edit your sound files when you are making recordings. You do have a number of choices for applications to do audio editing for Mac and if you are a Mac user then most probably, you will start by using Garageband. There are advantages to using Garageband in that if you want to make the enhanced podcasts with artwork embedded into the podcast and chapters, then Garageband is just the job for that. If you are using other systems or if you are using a Mac and don’t like using Garageband for editing your audio for the podcast then quite likely you might look at Audacity. This is a free audio editing software that will work across all platforms. It’s been awhile since I tried it and it may have improved, but the last time I looked there were a couple of things I didn’t like about it. The application I prefer to use for professional audio editing software is Amadeus Pro Mac. What is Amadeus Mac audio software.

 Amadeus Amadeus Audio – Upgrades and the Mac App Store

I have used Amadeus Pro to make more than 200 podcasts. I’ve Amadeus software used it to edit the audio for video podcasts, as well as for the audio podcasts. I haven’t made so many podcasts this year and so I’ve not had the pleasure of using the latest version of Amadeus Pro, version 2 quite so often to be able to see what improvements have been made. Since Amadeus Pro 2 has been made available in the Mac App Store with version 2, I see that is has also gone up in price, so now it is time to have a look and see what actual improvements we have. Does the App still look like great value. With other applications that have become available in the Mac App Store, quite often we have seen a decrease in price rather than an increase. With Amadeus Pro, audio editing software for Mac,  even at the new price of $60 it is still a bargain and good value for money for what it does.

The scheduler feature

It is now possible to tell Amadeus Pro audio edit software to quit and to launch automatically later, to start recording at a specific time and date. This could be very handy if you want to record an Internet radio program on at a specific time or perhaps there is a webinar that is taking place while you are out. You can set the time and date plus the duration and see whether you want to repeat the scheduled recording or not. You may say where you want the file to be saved to and the format you would like the recording to be made in. That could be in the native Amadeus Pro format, MP3, a wave file or any of the other file types possible within Amadeus Pro. The source for the recording can be from the line in, the internal microphone or if you have Soundflower installed, then you could set it so that it will record from whichever application you have on your computer.

Splitting Tracks on the same timeline



Now we can split tracks into multiple clips on the same timeline. I think this is a very big change for Amadeus audio editor Mac and makes it work in a way that people might be used to working with in Garageband. What I used to do before was to insert areas of silence in between sound clips so that they were in the right position within the overall sound file. So this new feature of the multiple clips will be very valuable to me for organising sounds within a podcast. I can see that I will be using it an awful lot in this audio editing software Mac.



Smart editing – A new feature of Amadeus Pro 2



There is a new thing called smart editing which will smooth out your sound for you. The smart editing feature is switched on by default, but you can switch it off if required. When you copy a clip of sound, the application will copy a slightly larger piece. Then when you past it into another sound clip, the slight extra that was copied is used to create a smooth cross fade between the copied sound and the recipient sound. Without this smooth editing you can get a crack sound which is a result of a discontinuity in the waveform.



Audio Editing Mac – In the version before version 2 of Amadeus Pro, when I selected a portion of sound to copy or cut I would use the extend to crossing function in the selection menu. By doing this I would ensure that I didn’t have any artefacts introduced when pasting into the track where I wanted it to go. With smart editing in version 2, I won’t need to use the extend to crossing function. That function is still there for use at times when you might have the smart editing turned off.



Editing soundtracks in movie files



Previously with Amadeus Pro software audio editing, if I took a .MOV file, a movie file, to edit the sound, then I would first have to make a copy of the movie file because editing the sound would strip out the video. I have made a test of this new feature, editing the sound in a movie video file. I deleted sections of the sound from the video and I was still able to open up the video file in QuickTime. It is possible that I would have messed up the timings by deleting sections of sound. For example in a video of a person talking then the lip sync following that edit point might have been messed up. At least the video still is in a working video format, following the sound edit and steps can be taken during the editing of the sound to keep the synchronisation working properly.



Other improvements to Amadeus Pro



  • Real-time audio effects.
  • Automatic start or end of recording triggered by a volume change.
  • Direct recording from Internet streams.
  • Improved level meters.
  • MP3 and M4a / AAC files are not re-encoded if only the meta data is changed.
  • Amadeus Pro is fully 64-bit if you’re using in Snow Leopard or later.
  • Multiband denoising.



Overview of version 2 of Amadeus Pro



Now that Amadeus Pro, the Mac audio editing software is functioning properly on OSX Lion for me, I am more than happy to recommend Amadeus Pro for podcast editing. It is an excellent audio editor and the new features that are included in this latest version, certainly make it well worth the money, $60 in the Mac App Store. The non-destruction of the video in movie files while editing sound in Amadeus Pro is excellent as an addition to the software. The ability to have multiple clips on a single timeline will be extremely useful for when you want to add jingles and bumpers to your podcast. Smart editing will help you ensure that you get the best quality from your sound editing. It is very useful now to have the graphical interpretation of your sound wave files shown in the waveform in the timeline. Overall I would say that Amadeus Pro is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal of sound editing software. In fact, it might be the only sound editing software that you need if you don’t need to make the enhanced podcasts. If you are looking to do some audio recording Mac style then you can’t go wrong with Amadeus Pro 2 from Hairersoft.

5 thoughts on “Amadeus Pro – What is new with Version 2

  1. Bob DeGrande says:

    I absolutely love Amadeus Pro. I edit a couple of podcasts and had been dissatisfied with Garageband’s performance on large files and speed in general, even on a quad core i5. I had Amadeus Pro from a bundle that I had bought years earlier, and it was quite out of date, but the upgrade to the current version was still free. Version 2 was the first paid upgrade in years and I happily paid it. Even though I bought it well before the Mac App Store, the license allows me to use it on a desktop and laptop. and performance is pretty good even on my Core 2 Duo Macbook Air.

    The basic editing features that really speed up editing are that, when you delete something, it will automatically join the remaining sounds, and you can quickly do a test edit (the ‘e’ key) before committing to it. It also supports a lot of file formats and both AU and VST audio units.

    The support is also first rate. There is a full manual in POF format (which you can access from the menu), and, when the program broke when Lion was released, a fix was issued about a week later (which some bigger developers like Ambrosia could learn a lesson from).

    There is also a Lite version in the App Store with a smaller feature set, or a trial version on the web site. Now I only wish they could come up with an iOS version.

    1. admin says:

      I can’t help but wonder why there are not more fans of Amadeus Pro with it being so good for making podcasts. Loads better than using Garageband that’s for sure. Now that I have the latest update I have no hesitation in recommending it to one and all.

      Thanks for posting a comment Bob.

  2. What about making some video tutorials and adding them to youtube?

    1. Wizardgold says:

      I have made tutorials about Amadeus Pro have a look in my You Tube Channel

      1. paaljoachim says:

        Thank you for your tutorials!

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