Amazing iPad Podcast 3 featuring Ross Craig from Canada

I interviewed Ross for Mac20Q about a year ago and he mentioned to me that he would like to have a chat about his experiences with the iPad. So why not I thought. Ross is a good bloke and I enjoyed the previous chat too. We talked about Mac things too, some of which I have left in this podcast where relevant. If you want to hear the full interview you can get it at Answer20Q. The interviews website.

Ross gives us some recommendations for software that he has tried on the iPad and has found useful. He tells me that he has a way to be streaming from Hulu to the iPad, which sounds like a great idea. What about you do you like to stream video to you iPad, is it a good viewing experience for you? I can’t use Hulu here in Spain but Ross tells me a way to get it to work in Safari. I don’t think it is straight forward and sometimes it fails to work but could be worth a try.

Dragon Dictation


Dragon Dictation for the iPad allows you to speak in the microphone built into the iPad and have it turned into editable text. Now that seems like a super application. I am not sure how well it will work with my accent as Ross says that there were some words it didn’t get due to his Canadian accent. If it worked it could be excellent but often these things are coached to hear an American voice

Do you think you could get the hang of talking to your iPad instead of typing in text?

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