Ipad market settling down

With the introduction of the new iPhone 4 there has been less in the media about the iPad. In some ways it is good that the hype is going and being replaced by stories of how people are using the device in real life. The iPad has also had one update to the operating system and many users will be looking forward to when IOS4 will be available for the iPad as it is on the iPhone. I am surprised it is not available already.

I am pleased to see that 18 of the applications in my iTunes for the iPhone have been updated to be iPad applications too. I really like it when the developers just update them and don’t require extra money. Amongst those applications the are apps such as iFooty, Evernote, Stars, SimpleNote, Box.net, Dropbox and OffMaps. So as you can see there a number of very useful applications and plenty of free apps too. I used Off Maps when I went for the day to Milan in Italy and I wanted to be able to use the maps and not be stuck with huge roaming charges. I downloaded to the iPad the maps of the centre of Milan and was able to use the GPS and see more than a blue dot on a blank page.

NotationalVelocity Icon.png

Simple Note is a super application that syncs up with Notational Velocity on my Macs. I use it for the simple short quick notes and keep EverNote for the longer more complicated notes. Simple note is great for quickly getting that idea into the cloud and saved for posterity, ore at least as long as you need it. There are other Mac note applications that will sync with Simple note but Notational Velocity has a good way of working. Very easy to find your notes later, you just start typing a word in the top section and the list narrows down to the notes containing those words. It is a built in search feature that works a treat. Basically it looks at data not documents – There is no manual “saving” in Notational Velocity; all modifications take effect immediately.