Summer Schedule for Mac20Q – At the beach

Working at the campsite again for the summer so I will be on the summer schedule for the next six weeks. I hope to get 2 or 3 podcasts out each month still.

Also the lack of new podcasts has been due to working hard to learn more programming I found a good tutorial on for learning PHP and MySQL. For learning things like the basic concepts of loops and thinking like a programmer it has been good. I expect that the ability to hook into MySQL databases will be very useful too.

My wife has her MacBookPro and at this moment is using her crappy WIndows computer to do so form filling on a web site. Having to type quite a lot of words she has bot got used to the keyboard on the MacBookPro. The old HP keyboard is plain horrible but she is used to it. Have to give her more time on that one. I have been hoping to spend more time with her showing her some trick with the Mac but I have not been able to do that much either.

We have set up TextExpander for her. I got it for her yesterday and also Skitch – both applications are very useful and I know she will particularly love Textexpander when we have it set up more.