The iPad is growing up with more native iPad apps


Over 10,000 iPad HD apps for the iPad. Seems it is not just a scaling up the developers have to do there are graphics to change and use to get the best use of the bigger screen compared to the iPhone. I have 16 universal applications on my iPhone and I suspect there will be a lot more applications that go the universal route.

Apple did say that it was a fairly easy task to change an application to being iPad native and I suppose to a certain extend it is. The thing that has to happen with making it iPad ready is doing the redesign that make use of the extra space. Of course then there is the chance to put in more features because of the extra space too and suddenly you have an application that is significantly different from the application you started with. That is when the developer starts thinking ‘Hang on a minute I should get paid more money for this if it is a completely new application’

Seems reasonable to want to be paid for doing extra work and making something that is new. It would be nice though if there was an upgrade path available to existing users to be able to reward loyalty for the customers that already have the application on the iPhone. OmniOutliner for the iPad is a very expensive app though. Some of its capabilities can be done in other iPad business apps like ThinkBook for example.

What views do you have about universal applications? Have you bought an application for you iPad that was not changed at all and you felt that the developer had taken advantage of you? There are some excellent iPad business applications.

There is an expectation that the HD applications are worth more that the iPhone applications because they have an iPad-specific look and feel. Maybe something to do with fact that more space means there will be more features and so take more work to produce. There seems to be less of a put it at the lowest price – 99 cents – drive.

Have you downloaded the Google Earth iPad application yet. Seems that you can navigate the world with the swipe of a finger. Nice that you can browse the millions of geo-located photos from around the world an view geo-located Wikipedia articles. Google have made it so that you are able to use the Location feature to fly to your current location and search for cities, places, and business around the globe with Google Local Search.

Bento for iPad is a Database you might want to have a look at. Great for all sorts of database work and one of the top iPad business apps.