Apple has a Little More to show us – The Little iPad

A Little More to show us

I can’t believe that all of the rumour sites have got it wrong about the ‘iPad Mini’. Surely someone else will have seen the clue in the announcement with Apple telling us that they have “A little more to show us”? I mean, it is as plain as the nose on your face when you see the evidence. The only thing is that all of the rumour mill has got caught up in the idea that the new smaller tablet from Apple will be called the iPad Mini. No one knows that for sure and it looks like everyone has got it wrong. Nothing unusual there though because the rumour mill is always getting the information wrong with the claims of how much the new gems from Apple will cost and what they will be named and so on.

Got it wrong before and the rumour mill gets it wrong again

No one though that Apple would call their tablet an iPad, citing that they wouldn’t call it something that could be confused with feminine hygiene products. Apple thought better and called the tablet the iPad. Lots of schoolboys and schoolboy minded geeks, thought it was funny for a little while, but after the sniggering stopped the name iPad was accepted. Who would have thought that was going to happen. Now with a new smaller iPad about to make a debut everyone thinks that it will be called the ‘iPad Mini’. This is clearly crazy thinking, now that Apple have teased us with the tag line to the event being “A little more to show us”. Can’t you see now that the name of the smaller tablet from Apple will be either “The iPad Little” or more likely “The Little iPad”.

The Little iPad

It makes such sense as a name for the Apple 7 inch tablet. It is kind of cute and yet is functional as a name. It is going to probably be available in a variety of colours and there are the clues in the invites for that too. Most likely the top colour and the colour that will be most popular is pink. Just in the way that all little girls love things like “My little Pony” and having all of their stuff coloured pink, the “Little iPad” is just made for a section of the market that is not usually covered.

Covering all bases

Apple will surely have to have the Little iPad in other colours too, to keep the more macho side of geekdom on side. Either that to they will just say that the ‘New iPad’ that is out there and loved by us all now, is for the proper geeks. Nothing wrong with wanting to expand the base of consumers though. Still just like the iPod Touch that comes in a few colours then the Little iPad will do the same. You will be able to get an iPad Little to match the colour of your eyes.

Will you buy “The Little iPad”

It will probably be the case that the technology of the iPad Little will be of the same level as the ‘New iPad’ that we have now. So it will be tempting for you to go out and form queues (lines) to buy the device. Will it put you off if the device is called ‘The Little iPad’? I think it sounds cute and that Apple will sell a boat load of them, especially the pink ones.