How to use Prezi iPad presentation software

How to use Prezi

The first time that you see one of these Prezi presentations, it could well just to blow your mind. This is because of the way that it flies and zooms around the page. It quite different from the way that you would have seen Keynote or PowerPoint working. You can design a Prezi so that it looks one way when you look at it overall, but when you zoom in close up you can have all sorts of surprises. Prezi is an amazing piece of educational software that is an online service, an app for a desktop computer as well as there being a Prezi iPad presence.

The Prezi iPad app – Prezi viewer

The Prezi iPad app doesn’t have the full range of tools for editing a Prezi presentation, but it will let you do some retouching and finishing off. So you can add a piece of text, or alter some text that you have already put in there using Prezi online or your Prezi for Mac application. If you need to move some of the graphic elements from one place to another in your Prezi examples, then you can quite easily do that with the Prezi iPad app. Even so, the Prezi iPad application really is more of a viewer than it is a Prezi creation tool.

Prezi iPad

Prezi Viewer iPad presentation software

How to use Prezi iPad presentation software to best advantage. The first thing to do is to create your Prezi presentations using Prezi for Mac or use the Prezi online app in your browser. You can then open up Prezi viewer on your iPad and download the Prezi presentations that you have created. It is quite possible that you will want to make some last-minute changes, such as making corrections to typo errors. It may even be necessary to move around some of the graphic elements so that your Prezi works properly and looks the best that it can look. You can do that but don’t expect to do it all on the iPad Prezi app.

Using Prezi examples in the Prezi viewer

Another possibility, if you have not made your own Prezi presentation, is that you might want to download somebody else’s presentation. You could get a Prezi from one that has been shared to you via the Prezi online application, or it could come in to you by email. If the Prezi that you want to use has been sent to you by email, then you will be able to click on it and it will open up in the iPad Prezi viewer. If you haven’t just got around to making your own Prezi yet, then you could have a look at the Prezi examples. The examples that are freely available on the website are worth looking at as a way to learn how to use Prezi.

Use Prezi for Mac or use the Prezi online service

Prezi for Mac

The The Prezi for Mac application is an Adobe Air application and there are many Mac users that would rather not have that type of software on their Mac. I use the BBC iPlayer software which is made using Adobe Air, so I might as well also use it for installing Prezi for Mac also. Although I have yet to really fully use Prezi for Mac in order to be able to compare it with Prezi online, I don’t think that there is a big difference in terms of the facilities and functions that you have available in the two versions. I have found that using Prezi online in the Google Chrome browser to work very well indeed.

Best way to learn how to use Prezi iPad

Prezi is well thought out presentation software that is perfect for educational use. If you are a teacher then I know that if you point the students in the direction of Prezi, they will come up with something looking amazing and is without doubt a great learning tool. The movement and zooming through the presentation really can look very spectacular.

Using ipad for presentations with Prezi

Prezi viewer

With Prezi iPad presentation software and a Prezi that you have made using Prezi for Mac, you will be able to show it using an Apple TV connected to the projector. You will be able to do this wirelessly and be able to walk around the classroom rather than being stuck at the front.

The cost to use Prezi presentation software

It is possible for you to use Prezi for free, but there is an upgrade path to get a pro version. There doesn’t seem to be too many restrictions on what you do in the online app, but it doesn’t take long in the Prezi for Mac app before you are offered an upgrade that will cost a small amount per month. If you are a teacher in education you can get one level of extra functions for free. Probably the best thing to do with Prezi is to try it out with the web application and see how it fits with your presentation needs. It seems to me that Prezi is a good tool to have and could well be worth paying for. Have a look at the Prezi website for their pricing options. In any case you can do an awful lot with it without having to pay anything, so why not give it a try.