Apple No Cash Policy for the iPad

Apple No Cash Policy

Crazy or what? Apple have been cancelling orders from companies that will send the device overseas, now they are turning people away if the want to pay with cash. Is that a way to run a business. If I had something to sell and a buyer was waving wads of cash at me, it would take long for me to grab the money with both hands.

Previously, new iPad buyers were forced to use a credit or debit card to buy the device, in an effort to stem the tide of extra units being purchased to sell on eBay or ship to friends overseas. Apple’s “no cash” policy is nothing new, having first been introduced in October, 2007 in an effort to limit buyers of the original iPhone.

The trouble with this sort of policy is that it paints a very negative light on Apple and the way they are treating people. I have seen this in other businesses too where rules which were there for a good reason initially were applied too rigidly, to the point of harming the business. Seems that there are to many of the ‘Jobs worth’ type of people following orders blindly. You know the sort “Oh sorry sir I cant do that for you, it’s more than my jobs’ worth !

This no cash policy impacted a woman that doesn’t have credit cards, so saved up the cash to by the iPad at the Palo Alto Apple Store. Some dope in the shop wouldn’t take the money and let her have an iPad. Apple then had to go back on the decision later after it had hit the news and the bad publicity had been generated and give her an iPad for free to buy back the good will of the media. At least something good came out of this, Diane Campbell now has her iPad. What happened to the idea that the customer is always right mentality that used to prevail.


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