New version of Evernote on iPad

One of my favourite applications has been Evernote now for quite some time. It is great to see that they keep updating it and especially seeing as many of the improvements are so noticeable on the iPad. Evernote is great for notetaking on the iPad and I use it alongside Simple Note which for me is perfect for the one or two liner type quick notes. Simple Note syncs with Notational Velocity on the Mac.

I digressed there so back to Evernote – For me the great thing is the syncing because I can do my notes on one device and know that it will be there for me wherever I go. iPhone iPad, and my other Macs. I use it for the scripts of any of the Podcasts that I do, such as Mac 20 Questions.

New version of Evernote on iPad



Tag Editing

In the latest release they have added tap editing, so you can edit and delete tags from the tag view. To do this you tap and hold a tag, then tap on the edit popup. You then get a screen that allows you to make changes to the tag. Tagging is really useful in Evernote and I find it excellent for finding things that all about a particular subject I want to look at.

Jump to tags

When you tags are sorted by name (the switch at the bottom of the screen), you can use the quick scroll bar along the right hand side to jump to tags that begin with a specific letter. This feature is perfect for those with lots and lots of tags. No need to scroll your way through anymore.

Recent Searches

How often is it that you want to repeat a search that you did before? Yes, you will find that you are looking for the same thing as you were looking for a couple of days ago. Now with Evernote you see your recently performed searches alongside your saved searches. If you Tap and hold any of those searches a popup appears that allows you to save the search or delete it.

There are promises of more things to come too.

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