The Joys Of Beta Software

To a certain extent all software is a work in progress. There’s always something in there which needs further work to make perfect. An operating system is so complex the software engineers can’t help making bugs when they’re fixing something else. This is why we are getting updates on a regular basis of our favourite […]

Pro Writing Aid Software – For the Grammar Nazi?

Saw an offer going on MacHeist to buy two years of Pro Writing Aid for $45 – although you need to add the sales tax. Total came to $54 at the final payment screen. My previous subscription was for three years and I’ve been tempted lately into buying the lifetime subscription. The lifetime subscription at full price is […]

Get Notes into Agenda

There’s nothing I like better than trying out new software. I’ve been looking at the software which combines notes, reminders and calendaring. It’s called Agenda and it’s a pretty little thing! It is basically a note taking application which allows you to have an emphasis on dates. You can just put a date on a […]

Checking Out iPadOS beta


iPadOS First Look Great to have the icons on the screen smaller and fitting more of them per page. Even when you have the today view pinned to the left side of the first screen you still have more app and folder icons. Good to finally pin your widgets. Reminders Improvements Completely different layout of […]

Other things I like about the new iPad

I was seriously tempted to get the 11 inch iPad instead of the 12.9 inch. It wasn’t the difference in price that was tempting me. It was more to do with the weight of the object and of the perceived size. I was thinking that a small one would be nice. Easier to carry around […]

Learning Airtable Database App

I joined a choir of old fogeys and it seems I’m the most technically competent. No big surprise there then! There are many people of my age who have no interest whatsoever in computers. In the choir there are at least two couples who share an email address. They are not sufficiently into the tech […]

Differences between Catalina dictation and Dragon dictation

I’ve just got my hands on a huge list of commands for dictation in Catalina operating system which is coming this autumn. These are also available in iOS 13 and iPad OS. There are 127 dictation commands and none of that includes the extra commands required for Voice Control. {Phrase} – Type spoken phrase into […]

Improvements to Dictation in Catalina

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of dictation. Even though I can type quite quickly I much preferred to write using dictation. It’s much faster and more accurate because you get fewer typos and misspellings. Lately I’ve been terribly disappointed that Nuance had decided to […]

Publishing Using the Shortcuts App From Drafts

I do my writing ✍️ in Drafts and I want to do it all on the iPad. So I downloaded the shortcut I found. The Drafts app is text only so I have to get images and then do a markdown link to its url. I sent the image in through the Transmit app and […]

Blogging from Drafts

Wanted to see if I could upload images too with shortcuts. This was sent to WordPress from Drafts app. Don’t know how to sent images from there. Maybe I have to send them in with another app first. Maybe Transmit or one of the other new apps I dowloaded to try the other day. Got […]