Easy Text Encryption Everywhere

Encrypt the text you want to send in an email or messenger app. Email is insecure and you need to take steps to protect your digital identity. Paranoia Text Encryption is so easy to use and it is available to use on all platforms including in a web browser. It also performs steganography.

Safest Messenger App – Threema

Threema Secure Message app

Threema app for secure messages with end to end encryption is the best of the bunch technically. It’s inexpensive and well worth having and using if your privacy and security are paramount.

How To Move Files With OnionShare

Onion Share

Send and Receive Files Securely.
Using OnionShare is one of the most secure ways to send and receive files. Easy to set up and use. Your recipient doesn’t need OnlyShare, only the Tor Browser.

Swiping for Typing

Writing On The iPhone By Swiping Really love the swipe keyboard we have now since iOS 13. It’s so much faster typing this way than tapping on the keyboard. Not quite as fast as dictation on my Mac, but impressive all the same. I’ve pulled into a nearby town to test the public electric car charging […]

Dragon Dictate vs Voice Control Dictation

Using Voice Control

Testing Voice Control Last night I did a test of Voice Control dictation. I’m now comparing it by doing this dictation using DragonDictate. The difference is kinda small and yet also kind of big. Voice Control dictation is fairly good in terms of accuracy, but not very good in terms of control. If I need to make […]

Using Telegram Secure Message App

Setting up the Poll

Working with Telegram Secure Messages When you have a group of people it’s nice to have somewhere to chat all together. There are a number of applications you could use to do this. I have used WhatsApp with a group in the past. I had to leave the group and stop using it because I […]

Technology is great when it works

Technology is great when it works This morning I’ve been delving into tech goodness. The leader of our choir asked me to take some scanned pages and put into a PDF. I decided the best way to do this would be to use the application Pages. I considered using <a href=”https://goodandgeeky.com/probably-the-best-pdf-reader-for-ipad/”>PDF Pen Pro</a> and it would […]

Easy Encryption for Technophobes

Canary Mail

You don’t have to be a tech head geek to use Encryption. In this post I share how I can encrypt and decrypt messages and files on both Mac and iOS

Shortcuts and NFC tags

The first NFC tag support came from the application Launch Centre Pro. This was before NFC was properly launched systemwide on iOS. These are pretty little NFC tags with a picture of rocket on the front. At the time and they only worked with Launch Centre Pro which could be configured to run shortcuts. Since […]