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Eric Johnson Mac20Q Podcast 4

Had a good chat with Eric in the interview, the serious problem he has like many of us Mac users is “Toy Addiction” That’s obviously going to be a problem when Apple keep bringing new and sexy goodies. He has a large iMac and is waiting on delivery of the new MacBook Pro 17in. Eric…

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Chris Pinchen – Mac20Q Podcast 3

Last autumn I met Chris Pinchen at Podcamp Barcelona along with Don McAllister. The Podcamp was a success and of course amongst the podcasters there, there were a plethora of Mac users. Amongst the Mac persons  Chris Pinchen, who was also the organiser of the Podcamp. I have already conducted an interview of Chris for…

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Mark Dalton – Mac20Q-podcast 1

Today I am talking with Mark Dalton and I get some well thought out responses to the Mac 20 Questions. We had a great little chat about what it means to be a Mac User. One of Mark’s recommendations was for ScreencastsOnline from Don McAllister. You can get more details about Don’s screencasts here, a…

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