Eric Johnson Mac20Q Podcast 4

Click picture to hear the Podcast

Click picture to hear the Podcast

Had a good chat with Eric in the interview, the serious problem he has like many of us Mac users is “Toy Addiction” That’s obviously going to be a problem when Apple keep bringing new and sexy goodies.

He has a large iMac and is waiting on delivery of the new MacBook Pro 17in. Eric was telling me about which is an online way of looking after your finances. More use to US users though due to the limited list of banking sites connected to it. I think I prefer to keep my money info with the bank directly.

hydraEric is a photographer with a Nikon and is interested in doing some HDR High Dynamic Range photos and we mentioned the applications Photomatix and one called Hydra. Photomatix is my preferred HDR software. I asked if he had, had the urge to get a book of photos printed using the Apple service but was unsure about the quality of the printing, so if any of you have knowledge of that please leave a comment belao.

He has VMware Fusion available if he has to run a Windows program but rarely uses it since changing job. Eric recomends adblock and the translator plug ins for Firefox. He says that Eventbox is worth looking at for us social networking types. I countered with my choice, which is and lately using with Blogo

Soul music is a passion for Eric and he contributes to a blog called Brown Sugar. An excellent resource if you are into soul music.

One thought on “Eric Johnson Mac20Q Podcast 4

  1. Wayne says:

    Hey Eric.

    As you have Aperture I would not worry about the quality of their Books etc.
    Recently Apple made some changes and now their books are amazing.
    I made one from the pictures that were taken by my wedding photographer, even he said the hardback book that was delivered was one of the best quality books he had seen, and it was a fraction of the price he would have charged for a wedding album.

    I know Scott Bourne (this week in photography) has said that the quality of Aperture books was so good now that he is using them to sell his pictures.

    Give them a try, if your not happy you can always return it.



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