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Today I am talking with Mark Dalton and I get some well thought out responses to the Mac 20 Questions. We had a great little chat about what it means to be a Mac User. One of Mark’s recommendations was for ScreencastsOnline from Don McAllister. You can get more details about Don’s screencasts here, a brilliant learning source for new and experienced users alike. Click the picture to the left or view the podcast at the bottom of the post.

Here is a little background about Mark from his web site. He has a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air, he is an iPhone user too.

I am employed by COLT Telecommunications as a Senior Manager within the Business Process & Systems function where I am responsible for a number of ITIL processes including, Incident, Problem, License, Change, and Configuration Management, as well as the outsourced European Desktop support contract for the 4500+ COLT users situated in the 13 COLT countries. Read more about COLT.

During my time with COLT Telecommunications I have held a number of externally and internally facing technical positions, and more recently spent 13 months in Gurgaon, India managing COLT’s 2nd level support team of 50+ engineers who provide 24×7 support to COLT’s critical systems. Prior to joining COLT Telecommunications I worked for Ask Jeeves, the Compaq Computer Corporation, and the Digital Equipment Corporation also in a variety of technical roles.

Mark gave us some recommendations for software to use. Omnifocus, a Getting Things Done application. Myself I use Things as I mentioned in the podcast. Both of those apps are available for both the Mac and for the iPhone and will surely help the most disorganised person to get their life all tickitty boo and all sorted out.

We talk about Dropbox which is a great place to store you files online. Evernote for a note book that keeps your notes in the cloud so they are available where ever you are. I use Evernote too, in fact I had Evernote open during the interview because that was where I had my questions stored


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Podcasts recommended

Leo Laporte and the Twit network

Contact me if you would like to be on the show

2 thoughts on “Mark Dalton – Mac20Q-podcast 1

  1. Wayne says:

    Enjoyed the first show David, can’t wait for some more. Well done Mark it was good to hear your thoughts on the Mac and everything else that goes along with being a Mac user.

  2. Mark Dalton says:

    A great idea from David. At the end of the day we are all interested in what everyone else is doing.

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