Beaching it Costa Bravo

My mother came visiting me here in Catalonia and really wanted to have at least an afternoon sitting on the beach and so that is what we did. We were lucky in that most of the other days previously it had been raining, but on the Thursday, the day before she left we had a pleasant sunny day. She was able to dip her toes into the water and also sit and enjoy the feeling of sanding between those toes. She had a book with her was able to enjoy reading on the beach. I had forgotten to bring my book but it didn’t really matter because I was able to listen to the story I had on my iPhone. I have been listening to the book Daemon by Daniel Suarez, a good story and quite enjoyable. In this audio I talk about some of the things that I see also on the beach, the bare breasted young girls and the handsome bronzed young boys, each in their own spaces alongside the people more advanced in years.

Alongside the beach there are houses which are of the modernist style, the similar style to Antonio Gaudi who is famous in Barcelona for a very unfinished cathedral and one or two famous buildings and parks.