Catching the Audiobus to go from BossJock to TwistedWave

Using audio technology on the iPad

While it is possible for me to record audio directly into Audioboo, I don’t get any options for doing any fancy editing or adding any audio effects. So it is useful to be able to use other applications on the iPad in order to be a little bit more creative.You can record directly into BossJock, but now there is a way that you can route the audio out of BossJock into another recording application such as TwistedWave and even send it through an effects application on the way through. So let’s have a look and see how we use this application called Audio Bus for iPad and iPhone to do this iOS audio magic.

Sending audio from BossJock to Twisted Wave with AudioBus

The first thing to do is to open up your Audiobus application and you will be presented with three buttons on the screen. Tap on the plus button for the input and choose what you want to use for your input. On this occasion we are going to use BossJock studio. As I have it set up on my iPad at the moment I can also choose to use microphone input and the Twisted Wave audio editor. It is also possible to have more than one input so for example I could also choose to use microphone input as well as the BossJock studio application. This could be handy if you’re recording audio with another person, although I haven’t tested using this to see it is possible to have two microphone inputs, rather than the one going in through the BossJock app.

How to use audiobus on iPad

Climb Aboard the Audio Bus

On the other hand what you can do is to do your recording in BossJock and export it out and then open it up afterwards in Twisted Wave or Multitrack DAW and then do all of the editing that you need to do. It may well be that you need to do a little bit of cleaning up, perhaps cutting out where you fluffed a line. I find that the application TwistedWave is easier to do this than it is in Multitrack DAW, but I would be tempted to use that application if I needed to have the audio editing going on in more than one track. It would be handy if at some stage the TwistedWave audio editor for iPad gains the ability to edit multiple tracks. In the BossJock application you don’t get any editing facilities at all. The other possibility that you have is to use Garageband which recently also got the Audio Bus connection capabilities now.

audiobus on iPad
There are other reasons why you might want to use Audiobus, such as the need to have the audio go through some filters or effects on its way to the application you’re using to record the sound. It is possible that these may be more useful to musicians than to podcasters, it rather depends upon the type of effects that you want in your podcast. At the moment, the only audio effects that I have available to use is a guitar effects application and if you put voice through that, it all sounds a little bit weird.