Best iPad applications for you

best ipad applications

Choosing the best iPad applications

Now that you have your super duper iPad tablet computer you have to make some decisions about what you are going to put on it in terms of applications. It might even seem to be confusing and difficult to decide which are the best iPad applications for your needs. There are plenty of lists available to help you get started and the good thing is that there are basic apps that everybody needs that will help you work out your specific requirements. There is an application called AppZap HD which gives information about new applications, apps that are reduced in price or have become free. You could use AppZap to help you decide which are your best iPad applications. When you are using AppZap you can also use it to find free Mac applications.

Working out the top iPad applications

I am a big fan of mind mapping software as a way of generating ideas. Mind mapping can also be used for organising your thoughts that are rolling around randomly inside your head into an outline or a list that you can actually use. I would suggest that you try out iThoughts HD as it is the best iPad and mind mapping software. It is also quite likely that you will be able to use this excellent software for other purposes after you have generated your top iPad applications list.

Throw in some coloured branches on your mind map

From your initial starting point in the mind map you can create branches and some branches going off in directions based upon what it is you want to do using your iPad. You might also make branches in the mind map where the initial thought could be applications that have been recommended for a specific purpose.

Curio can do Mind Mapping too.


free applications

iMage Tools


So if you expect to use your iPad for business or corporate purposes then you will certainly want some business applications. You might first of all do a search for the * best iPad applications* for business in the Apple iPad application store. There are recommendations in there that could be useful. If your business or industry use is fairly specific then it certainly would make sense to ask colleagues which apps have worked for them. Your fellow workers will be able to guide you in the right direction for iPad office applications and the best applications to use on the iPad in your line of work.

Using the best iPad applications

Considering that there are thousands of apps to choose from in the iPad applications list in the App Store, serendipity will also be a factor in application discovery. In any case, many of the applications are quite inexpensive, less than five dollars and you may be able to try a couple of apps to see which are best for you. There are some applications which are available as a free version that might have some facilities missing or disabled. Using these applications, whether they are business applications or apps for entertainment will help you make your decision.

best ipad applications

Downloading the best iPad applications

After you have downloaded a few of the best iPad applications it is a good idea to devote some time to really getting into your new app. Often there will be a help file to get you started, but as with web-based applications or your usual office applications, getting in there and having a play with all of the menus is a good move. It shouldn’t take you long to find out if there are any limitations to the apps that you have. There is a wealth of applications available and you may still need to keep hunting for the best iPad applications.

Must have iPad applications

The iPad versions of the iWork applications could well be in the list of top iPad applications. Without a doubt you will need to have Dropbox installed to use as a way to move files to the iPad. Many top of iPad applications use Dropbox for getting files out of the iPad as well as copied to the iPad.

If you are dealing with text then I would recommend Textastic for note taking. For creating outlines and lists then you have MagicalPad and another app but I liked for this would be ThinkBook.


free applications

iMage Tools


Social networking with your iPad

The Facebook and Google applications for their respective social networks will be in your iPad applications list to install. You will also need to make it yourself a twitter client and my recommended app for this purpose presently is Tweetbot.

The best iPad applications for entertainment.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to one or two games that you can use for wasting a little bit of time as needed. The World of Goo is one that you can sit down with and you have Scrabble like games such as Words with Friends. Then you have the mindless games such as Bejewelled or Angry Birds, good to play with while waiting in a queue. For listening to podcasts then you could get Downcast. Best iPad applications