Mac video editing software for movie making

Making your movies with Mac video editing software

Mac video editing software

When you get your new Mac, you will of course want to try out all of the applications that come available as standard on the computer. And it will not be long, if you have a video camera of any sort before you try out iMovie. In fact, seeing as most of us these days have a smart phone you will want to edit your video and try to emulate Stephen Spielberg. So long as you are buying a new Mac then it would be true to say that iMovie is free video editing software for Mac. iMovie is actually quite competent as well as being easy-to-use, but there are limitations as to what you can do. For most users though, it is possible to create some great looking videos with iMovie without running into those limitations.

Other Mac video editing software

There are other Mac and video editing softwares available and if you have been using iMovie their logical choice would be to upgrade to Final Cut Pro X. Final Cut is a natural choice if you are doing video editing Mac style. While this may seem at first that it is a more difficult application to use, it is actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. I like the fact that with Final Cut Pro X you have the traditional timeline, yet at the same time you have the snap to feature which makes it easy to use. You only have to learn a few of the keyboard shortcut keys to make save more simple to add video clips to your timeline. The other shortcut keys for Mac video editing that you should learn pretty soon when you start to use Final Cut Pro is the A key which will get to your main select tool and the B to which gives you the blade tool. Of course, there are plenty of other keyboard shortcuts that you can use and you can learn those as you need them.

IMovie is free video editing software for Mac

With iMovie you can easily add title and titling sequences to the beginning and end of your movie. It is also possible to add a lower thirds to your movie and other fancy things such as picture in picture or even do a green screen effect. The iMovie application is fairly intuitive and beginners will be cranking out fairly decent movies fairly quickly. Apple computers are good tools for making YouTube videos on account of there being some good Mac video editing software.

Avid – Other Mac video editing software

With the introduction of Final Cut Pro X there have been some professionals that have jumped ship to start using Avid. And there have been other video professionals that have not upgraded to the latest version of Final Cut. The reason for this has been that the latest version of Final Cut was a complete rewrite giving a new application that was actually missing one or two of the high-end professional tools. Some of these missing features will never ever be found in the new version of Final Cut Pro X, such as being able to output to videotape. Apple have decided that there is no need to give support to all technology in a brand-new application. The mid-range market of the video editor that is in between the iMovie type of user and the professional filmmaker is where Final Cut Pro X is aimed. This would make sense because that has to be a much larger market than the moviemaker prepared to spend $1000 or more on very high end software. This latest version of this marvellous Mac video editing software has been priced to suit the market that is has been aimed at.

Mac video editing extras

When I bought Final Cut Pro X I also got the application called Motion 5. Motion 5 is animation video editing Mac users can get a really creative with. You can create 2-D and 3-D video animations to enhance your movies using Motion 5. With Motion 5 you can also edit and create transitions, titles of various kinds including lower thirds as well as some marvellous special effects. You can find tutorials for using Motion 5 and also for Final Cut Pro X at the VideoMagical website.