Blogging with Byword

Premium with Byword

If you want to use Byword to connect to your blogging platforms you need to pay the extra to do that. I paid up as it wasn’t much extra and it is worth having for me. I think it was €3.99 as an in app purchase. Some people don’t like the paying for extras when you have already bought the app, but then not everyone needs the blog connections. If you like having all your writing start in one app then blogging with Byword is a good idea.

External Keyboard with my iPad Pro

I could spend an arm and a leg to get the proper iPad Pro keyboard that’s also a case but it isn’t necessary right now as I have been able to connect the Mac bluetooth keyboard. It is working out just fine even if some of the specialist iOS keys are not there. I can do the Cmd-Tab to switch between apps which is handy. Cmd-Spacebar takes me to the iOS search. I wouldn’t mind one of these folding keyboard perhaps.

Adding images in Byword iOS

There is a button to add images on top of the keyboard. You get to choose images from your library but the image will not be uploaded. All you get in the exported html is a name of the file and that is not a lot of use. The way to address this is to upload the image first using Transmit, the FTP app and then put in the full URL.

I stand corrected!

I posted this from Byword with an image. When you get to the publish page tap on the line for resources. If there is an image in the document which hasn’t been uploaded it will be available. There will be a list in the view and just tap on each to upload. Wait until uploaded and then finish off your blog posting. I’ll leave in the previous paragraph about Blogging with Byword and adding images to the post so you can see it is possible also to use Transmit to upload.

Blogging with Byword

Uploaded in WordPress But I could have done so in Byword

What if you want to make any changes?

Unlike a specialist blogging application you don’t get a list of posts on a site already posted that you can go into and edit. You get the option to view the post in Safari when the publish operation is completed. From there you could edit the post by signing into your WordPress. Maybe it would have been better to start from that, you can use Markdown in WordPress if you want. I just tested uploading picture with the image above and that worked fine. Working in Safari in WordPress also gives access to the plugins such as Yoast SEO. Do you like blogging with Byword?

Blogging with Byword

I’ll give blogging with Byword a thumbs up. Byword on iOS and the Mac is a good way to write and get your words out to your public.


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