Missing the Mac

I’m really going to miss DragonDictate

Just about every think else I can do okay with my iPad Pro and my iPhone. I do have some dictation available with Siri dictation. It isn’t a patch on the sort of accuracy and speed you get with Dragon Dictate. I use Dragon for Mac version number five. I didn’t like it much when changing from version four, But after a couple of small a great day it’s got a lot better. I had been used to using a text based application for all of the dictation and then doing a copy and paste into where I actually wanted the text. Now I tend to dictate directly into Ulysses. I would be quite happy to go completely post they say if it wasn’t for the DragonDictate. Mind you, there are other Mac applications I would miss also. One of the other applications I would miss a lot is Affinity Photo.

Daisy Disk and my wife’s MacBook

The hard drive on my wife’s computer was all used up and we couldn’t work out why. So I loaded up Daisy disk and I was able to find 200 GB being wasted in deleted user profiles. I have no idea how that came about in the first place. After getting rid of those files that we didn’t need any more we had some room to do some video work and everything was working perfectly.

Final Cut Library Manager

I also have an application called Final Cut Library Manager and this is able to get rid of some of the files that you don’t need within a Final Cut library. Final Cut will create stuff apart from the original files optimised files and rendered files. These can be got rid off because the application will make them again if necessary.

Cheaper SSD drives

I’m looking forward to the day when we have some really cheap SSD drives! The price has come down a huge amount already and even a 1 TB drive is not too much money. They make a huge difference for working with in terms of speed. Often it is like having a new computer compare to the spinning hard drives.


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