Camping site blues

As you know I have been working all hours all summer in a camp site by the beach. Have to in order to get some cash in to buy some more podcasting equipment. I am thinking of getting a couple of  Shure SM58 microphones. They are dynamic mics and are not as sensitive as the condensor mics I have now. So they won’t pick up a lot of the background noises that the more sensitive studio mics can’t help but catch also.

I was also thinking about getting a Drobo for my back up needs. They are a bit expensive but would see me sorted out for back up for a long time. It is great the way you can just thrown in another drive if there is a bay free. Or just take one out and replace with a larger drive, all without the possibility of losing any data. In fact a drive can kick the bucket and still the data is safe. A drobo without drives in it costs 300 English pounds to buy, but if you take in the fact you can buy  bare drives cheaper than if you buy an external drive, then the price is not so prohibitive. Of course there is no fancy Raid technology in a normal external drive which makes the Drobo more desirable and good value.

So where are the camp site blues, surely it is good to be earning more money. Well yes but I was expecting to finish next Sunday and be able to have a weeks vacation. I was getting quite excited at the thought of FREEDOM. Then the boss here puts the spanner in the works and asks me to work another week.

Don’t forget to get your domain names and hosting from GoDaddy. There is a 10% discount if you use the code POD146 when you get to the checkout. I bought 2 domain names myself yesterday and used the code. Nice to get a discount.

In fact what I did was to set up a domain name and put it on my Godaddy hosting and then use the tools to put on WordPress for Took about half an hour to have the basic setup done and ready.  I was amazed how quick it was . I  recorded the process and will put it out as a video soon.


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