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I did the security update last night on the Mac Book and on the iMac. On the MacBook there was the Safari update to do too. It was one of those nights when I couldn’t sleep and spent time out of bed when I should have been snoring. One of those nights with loads of updating to do also. Apart from the security update on the computers there was a WordPress update on all of the blogs. It would be great if I could have a system that let me have one instance of WordPress and then spread it around between the blogs. I would still need to configure a few things differently for each blog thoug.

Yesterday I published the latest of Writers 20 Questions podcast. I was talking with Matthew Wayne Selznick about his writing and about his podcasted novel Brave Men Run. His latest work is Hazy Days and Cloudy Nights. Interesting chat and quite a long podcast. He is not a Mac user but he can almost be forgiven as he is using Ubuntu and not Windows.

I also interviewed the first person for the Car 20 Questions Podcast. An interview about a TR4A and its driver. Looking good I can see I could do more of those. People do love their cars.

Then I interviewed one more writer by the name of  Chris Graue who’s latest trick is to publish his novel on Twitter. Thought it would be a silly thing to do but says it has improved his writing by having to get it into 140 characters.

I have another 10 days work at the campsite and counting off the hours, so I can get back to podcasting full time. Don’t forget that if you have something you would like to advertise then contact me to get the rates to get it on the site. Also if you are enjoying the podcasts then why not donate something. There is a donate button in the right sidebar. Thanks


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