Can you get Garageband for Windows? – What about Garageband for PC can it be done?

Yes you can do a Garageband download – No to Garageband for PC

It may seem a little bit strange to us Mac users, or to us iPad users that have legitimate use of the application Garageband, but large numbers of people online do a search looking for Garageband for PC or Garageband for Windows. There must be a a ton of people that have heard about the great fun you can have and the excellent music that you can create by using Garageband. You have the possibilities of using the Magic Garageband which assists you in a lot of ways to help you make your bit of music. You can take the next approach which will be to use the loops that come with Garageband for the Mac and for the iPad and craft your own piece of music. Then of course if you are a proper musician and you just need to do a quick recording of yourself with your guitar or your keyboard that you play yourself and add a number of tracks together to do something that’s a little bit or professional, then Garageband is just the job. I love the way that you get the image of a stage with some instruments on to waiting to be played, you choose what you want and build your song. Great for kids to start making music, Garageband Digital Audio Recorder might even get them on the path of learning a musical instrument.


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Garageband download – where do you get it?

When you buy a new Mac it comes with some excellent pieces of software that you do want to use. Not like when you buy a crappy PC and you get a bucket load of what can only be described as rubbish software, that is really only fit for the bin. With the Mac you get the iLife suite of software and included within that is Garageband. Without a doubt a new user to the Mac, in the first few days will have many hours of fun making music tracks. It’s all part of being a Mac user. Apple knows this, which is why we are given such a good selection of software with the computer when we buy it. It is to encourage new users to the platform.

Garageband for PC

Share your Garageband music

Naturally once you have created your musical masterpiece you’re going to want to share it out, so that other people can listen to it. It is easy to do that by exporting the song out into your iTunes library, you even have the choice of going for the CD quality format or saving out as an MP3. You can even take your song and turn it into a custom ringtone for your iPhone. How good is that? You will hear your song every time your friends call you.

Despite the fact that Garageband for Mac is so good and much better than anything that you would get on a PC, there may come a time when you want to upgrade to the professional musicians software Logic Pro. It is easy to bring in songs from Garageband into the Logic Pro software.

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Garageband will also give you basic music lessons

You won’t get music lessons on an equivalent Garageband for PC. With the Garageband format you will get 40 lessons to choose from. With Garageband for iPad, you can use the iRig MIDI to plug in a keyboard, there is also a device, Amplitube for iPad, you can use to allow you to connect a guitar to your iPad. Then you can have Sting teach you how to play Roxanne. You can also use the iRig microphone to sing along to your newly learned song. Using Garageband is a great way to learn the chords and finger positions for the guitar. With the lessons you can also play along with the band as well as hear some of the stories behind the song, directly from the musician that created it in the first place.

Stop dreaming about Garageband for Windows

So if you want to be a rock ‘n’ roll hero and you can’t afford a Mac, don’t waste your time wondering about Garageband for Windows, just go and grab yourself an iPad. Garageband for iPad only costs $4.99 and you are in business to start creating some music.

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