There are so Many Apps for the iPad – How do you find the good ones to use

Finding the Best Apps to use on the iPad – Good iPad apps

We all like to have new applications on our iPad and it has long been known that finding good apps can sometimes be a little difficult. You have to kind of, go by the top apps list in the iTunes Store for apps for your iPad. But all that gives you is a fairly short list of applications that have been popular with other people. What we need is to have some way to be able to find applications based upon a specific need that we have or have the option to browse and search for interesting apps among the thousands that inhabit the store.

The Amazing iPad

Other places to get good iPad apps

There have been apps created such as App Shopper, which is another way of getting some recommendations for apps that we might like to try. One way and I have found to be good for getting interesting applications for my iPad, is to listen to some of the iPad and Mac podcasts. Quite often at the end of these podcasts the presenters will give recommendations for applications that they have tried and either just enjoyed using or have found useful. I found out about Phatpad this way and also ThinkBook. good ipad apps - AppZapp HD

Using AppZap HD or AppZappPush

Another thing that is going to be useful for us for finding applications, especially if we are looking for a bargain is to use an application such as apps zap. At the moment I am trying out an application called AppZapp HD which gives me recommendations for iPad applications and the best part about it is that it gives alerts when an application that was previously one price has now lowered its price and is cheaper. It also has a section where it will tell you where apps were paid for apps and now free. you can set up this AppZap HD To push notifications to you for things such as the now free applications.

AppZap HD An Example of using it – good iPad apps

I am looking at the AppZap HD application now and just as an example, I can see that there is an application called Clean Energy Hawaii STEM HD which used to be £1.49 and now it’s free. If I tap on the button in AppZap HD, it takes me through to the App Store on the iPad, where I can use the install app functionality and have the application downloaded to my iPad. You can also use AppZap to get more information about the applications it shows you, when you tap on the list of applications in the main screen, a panel slides out with more information about the app. Getting good ipad apps is easy with AppZap HD. You can tap to see the thumbnails that the developers have put up to exhibit their application, or you can check out the description, application information, what’s new in this version information, as well as recommendations for other apps you may like. I can also tap on the button which gives me other applications by the same developer. If I decide I don’t want to see more by this developer, then I can block this seller if I wish.

Mind your Language – AppZap HD

You can set up some filters within AppZap HD so that you can have it just show you applications in the English language or you may choose to have all languages. You may select to show just two or five languages, maybe you want to see applications in English, Japanese, Norwegian and Korean. It is also possible to filter by the categories. I can choose to look at all categories for example, or I may just choose to watch for applications in books, educational apps, and photography. AppZap HD will also show Mac applications, as well as applications for IOS devices. I have no interest in seeing any good ipad apps from Asia, as I can’t read Chinese or any other Asian language, so it is quite nice I can specifically tell it to hide Asian apps. The Amazing iPad