Cheating with Your iPad

I have a handy little application that is called XWordSolver. Very simple and effective for cheating at word games like scrabble or crosswords. I was having a go at a puzzle the other day that needed a word that was 5 letters long. I knew the second letter and the last letter. I put in a full stop for the letters I don’t know and it will give me all the five letter words that fit that pattern. Depending on the letters you will get a number of possibilities and you can use other clues you have to help you work out the right word. Isn’t technology great.

On the iPad have some crossword applications too – Hours of fun to be had

I was out today in Girona, my mother is visiting and we were at the Girona Flower Festival. It is a huge event and loads of people milling around the city. While we sat briefly I was able to write an article on the iPad using Nebulous Notes. I quite liked the on screen keyboard with the predictive text. The only thing that bugged me a little was the seat I was sitting on didn’t give me enough room for my elbows.

I was tempted to use the Dragon Dictation but decided that I would rather use it in a quiet place a cafe without loads of student milling around plus all the extra visitors that were also wandering near by for the flower festival.