Here is a weird one for you and it is called ThinkBook

It is an iPad note taking application that has a weird look and feel and is so much more for its way of working. You can do Get Things Done type of work with it using questions and checkbox lists. It looks like it could be a good iPad note taking app alternative to the hugely expensive Omnifocus.

iPad outlining app – Thinkbook

To get started you really need to look at the videos about it a couple of times. Here is one that is designed to get your started.

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The way you move things around and create the different objects that are available in the application will take time to get used to but I really think it will be worth the effort. I know I will be playing with ThinkBook for some days to see if I can get a handle on the thinking behind the application.
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There is a slider on the right that you use to add things and to move from one place to another in the application. Then there are drag areas – If you drag a note to the left then to the right in the left half of the screen it will indent it. On the right half of the screen you drag noes to the margin to put on the slider. Using two fingers will copy the note to the slider rather than move it, you can use something as a template easily that way. You also use the slider to pick where you want to insert notes on the iPad app, tapping on it to delete, insert notes or perform other advanced actions.

Navigation Bar – iPad outlining app Thinkbook

There is a navigation bar at the top of the screen and you swipe items left and right to convert them into bookmarks and back again. You can go through the icons on the left to do searches, go back a level towards the home page. There is a tag icon where you can add, delete and rename tags. I am not sure yet if they are open meta tags.

In the content if a note has child notes then there is a disclosure triangle to show and hide the notes. If your note is a task to be completed us the tick box to mark is having been done. Tapping in this iPad outlining app on a notebook or a page will open it.

Find out more about Thinkbook the weird iPad note taking app that could be just right for you. Also you might have a look at using an iPad notebook that also does audio voice recording on iPad notepad. Thinkbook is good as a notetaker app..



iPad outlining app

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For being productive with your iPad. Either for doing business or for studying something. You can even use ThinkBook just to be an organised sort of person. I like this iPad note-taking application even if it is a bit strange.

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  1. Bouchra B says:

    Have you tried MagicalPad?
    It sounds interesting

    1. admin says:

      I have downloaded the app and had a quick play with it. Certainly interesting. Takes a bit of getting used to because of some of the none standard ways of manipulating what is on screen. I plan to have a more detailed inspection of it when I have a bit more time to delve into it.

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