Companies buying iPads

Could the iPad kill the business laptop market? More than 500 of the over 11k applications built specially for the ipad are in the business iPad applications category. There is an app from Citrix which allows access to corporate programs directly on the iPad, so far downloaded thousands of times.

It has taken a while for business to jump on the bandwagon after initially rejecting consumer friendly devices including the iPhone. There are a few possible reasons for this sea change.

  • The iPad is a good bit cheaper than laptops.
  • Booting instantly is a huge plus when you are working
  • Easy to carry around show floors, hospitals, in the factory, within shops.
  • The executives are also consumers of iPads at home and want to be able to use at work what they can use at home. Does it get any better than using the iPad for business.
  • Inclusion of Microsoft Exchange integration and the ability to delete data remotely, as well as other encryption to keep data secure is important.
  • Huge number of iPad applications for business.

Companies buying iPads is on the increase

Microsoft will find it hard to jump into a market that is being defined by the Apple iPad, as companies create and test applications that will serve their needs. There is huge scope for using the iPad in business. Why change and it can only get better for Apple while Microsoft are not even in the game. Android devices appear to have more of a chance to gather in some of the market. Companies buying iPads mean that the iPad will take over the business world, it is all down to the apps available really though.

Getting organised when your companies buying iPads hits your sector

Organising your self with business iPad app OmniOutliner.

Companies buying iPads