Podcast 7 featuring Fraser Speirs teacher in charge of 120 iPads

iPads in Schools – 120 in a Scottish school

In this interview Fraser tells me of the trials and tribulations of giving an iPad to very student in the school and allowing some of them to take them home. There are something like seven airport extreme base stations in the school, They are needed because the school is in an old building with thick walls. Whatever the technical difficulties are it is brilliant to see iPads in schools and educational iPad apps.

Fraser is a Mac developer and it seemed a no brainer when it came to deciding to have technology in the school that would be more accessible than the room full of Macs that were there already. Fraser talks about choosing applications for the teachers and students to use, one of the apps that he recommends because it was so successful in the school, is the app called brushes.

I would give Brushes a go myself but I just bought ArtStudio which covers my needs in that area



Fraser Spiers in charge of iPads in Schools, specifically in Cedar School.

It was a very interesting interview with Fraser Spiers and I should arrange a follow up interview to see how things are going further down the line. It certainly is great to see technology being used in this way whether it be in Scotland or California.

iPads in Schools

I am using the WordPress application to write this and while I have it in landscape mode and I am annoyed that I can’t see words at the right side of the screen. Hopefully they will fix it in a update of the app soon.

Fraser was telling me that they have spot checks to make sure that appropriate material doesn’t find it’s way on to the students’ iPads in school. Even so using iPads for educational purposes is not just about iPad textbooks.Looking forward to seeing more iPads in Schools.

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  1. Eugene says:

    The increasing use of technology in schools is (or should be) expected, given the growth and ease of its use. I hope that educators across the spectrum are taking advantaged or and staying ahead of the learning curve. Few things diminish your persona and credibility as an educator faster than the knowledge that your students know more about the technology you teach…than you do.

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