Podcast 6 featuring @BldngNerd Matt Hillyer


Matt Hillyer is one of the hosts of the App Obsessed Podcast along with Lola Wong (The Pocket Librarian Podcast) and the casual podcaster Tom Piraino Macintom. The guys buy some apps and talk about them on the show. Matt was telling me that they choose a topic and look at the apps that fit that topic. For example it could be photography or it could be about databases. The last episode they were looking at Remote Access/Control Applications such as LogMeIn Ignition, iTap RDP Client, Snatch, AC-7 Pro, keynote Remote and Apple Remote.

Matt is rather keen on the NetFlix application. which is something which allows you to watch TV shows and movies streamed to your iPad. It is only any good for the people that reside in the US. Hulu is in the same realm of applications too.

Seeing as Matt is in the US he was able to get his hands on the iPad before many Apple fans around the world. He was able to pre order the iPad and get it on the first day it was available. have a listen to the podcast and listen to what he has to say about the iPad after being a user for all this time.

He was telling me about how his young son is able to negotiate iOS devices with ease. It is not going to be long before Matt will be running to his lads to help with technical computer problems.

Tell me what it has been like in your family with young kids with having an iPad in the house. Are they interested, do they look after it? Do you have to wrestle it from them so that you can use it?

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