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Air Video iPad to convert Video for iPad

I have been able to convert video for iPad with Air Video iPad. There is a free version but I used the paid for version which was cheap to buy anyway. I have been able to successfully watch a video that was residing on my iMac by streaming it to the iPad over WiFi and I then used the VGA connector to hook up to the TV and see on a bigger screen.

Air Video iPad to stream video to the iPad

I am having a problem trying to see a video right now but I suspect that it due to the fact that I am using the software to convert a movie right now. I reckon that once the Server side of the software on the iMac has finished doing that job it will be available to stream this video for me. Converting video for iPad on the fly is useful when you don’t want to clutter up your hard drive with multiple version os the same video or if you have a hard time keeping track of your videos for iPad files.

Air Video iPad – Compression of video

I had the Air Video iPad convert a AVI video file that was 1.7 GB down to 480mb and I was happy with the picture quality of the movie when I watched it on the TV. It is all easy to use – you set up the folders for the server to look into to get the movies and away you go when you look at them on the iPad. Just have to navigate to the movie you want and hit play, convert, add to iTunes or play with live conversion. Will you be downloading Air Video for iPad? I have found it to be an excellent tool to convert videos for iPad, have a look for iPad Air Video in the iPad App Store.
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