Amazing iPad Podcast 5 featuring WrightWay Photography


Steve tells me that he put the pictures he has just taken right int the iPad and uses it to show to the client. He reports that he gets sales of photos directly at this point. The clients often want to have a look and see what other things the iPad can do, as most times they have not seen one before.


Steve tells me about an app called Photogene which looks pretty good and it allows him to do some manipulation of the photos right on the iPad. A bit of a photoshop for the iPad, on the web site for Photogene I see that you can sort out the red eye in a photo as well as doing things with filters and affecting the whole of the photo.


I recommended Simple Note and Notational Velocity as a good way to have notes synced from the desktop computer and the iPad. Notational Velocity is a bit different in the way it works in that the title for the note is also a search field, helping you find notes or helping you see the other notes on a subject before you choose a title for the new note. I like the way it works although I often use Evernote to making text notes. Usually I choose Evernote for the longer notes and use SImple note for the short quick notes.