Mounting your iPad Tablet


Seems that the iPad on its on own is not such a good idea, it needs some support. There is the cover that comes from Apple that can be used as a stand also.

Then there is the PadTab and the way that this works is by sticking a special hook on whatever surface you want o hang it on and mounting plate that goes on the iPad that fits the hook that you have stuck to the fridge, door, wall. They sell a kit that lets you hang the iPad in 2 places and that is part of the goodness of this system. It is moveable yet strong. Industrial strength adhesive holds up your iPad safely and you have two of the hooks for putting in two different situations all you have to do it take your iPad with the connecting plate that is fixed to your iPad and slot it in. Easy.

I suppose you need to have a good think about where is going to be the best place, best height and best in terms of distance away from where you will be standing or sitting so that you get the best use of the device. As they say on their site, you just have to think about where you might put you iPad and need both hands for doing something else, like in the kitchen using a recipe application.

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