iPad VGA to HDMI

Atlona VGA to HDMI Scaler/Converter (USB Powered). Model: AT-HDVieW

iPad to HDMI upscaler

if you live outside of the States or Canada then you will need a different device that puts out video at 50Htz rather than the 60 Hz that this model uses.

Seems there is a need for devices that will allow us to connect our iPads to TV’s and it seems that this device could do the trick. I am not in the USA so I can’t try this one out. Anyone out there like to contact me with details of you experiences of using the Atlona VGA to HDMI Scaler/Converter .

The Atlona AT-HDVieW is designed to take video and audio signal from PC or Laptop and upscale it to digital HDMI output of wide-range HDTV and PC resolutions, up to 1080p. The AT-HDVieW is a plug and play device, it will automatically sense the native resolution of the display and scale the computer’s output to match it. The converter will take audio signal from the computer and embedded it into the HDMI signal output, so that user is able to enjoy both audio and video though one cable.

The HDVieW is a scaler-converter, which means that it will always work without any adjustments to the video card software in addition to that the video quality will be dramatically increased due to the built-in high quality scaler. The Atlona converter is USB powered and therefore will not require additional power supplies.

At the moment I am just pleased to have been able to use the iPad to VGA connector to hook up with a VGA Projector. Some places these days have big screen TV’s to use rather projectors in some meeting rooms and an upscaling device would be just the job.

Apple Component AV Cable – iPhone / iPod audio / video / data cable with power adapter – component video / audio / USB – Apple Dock connector – 4 pin USB Type A, RCA (M)


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