iPad first impressions

A Brummie iPad – iPad first impressions

The iPad has been given a name – Brummie – it was my wife that suggested that and I thought why not – She had only just been commenting on my Birmingham accent so that is where that name came from.

iPad first impressions

Twitter clients for the iPad

I was choosing apps that were for the iPad specifically and trying a few out. Looking to see which Twitter client I would want to use – I have put Twitterific on there and TwitbirdPro, Twitter which used to be Tweetie
Not sure which one I prefer on the iPad yet – need to do some more playing.


I have put on Flipboard which has a novel approach to displaying info from FaceBook, Twitter and other places. Still finding out what I can put into it. Makes it look like a magazine or flashy newspaper – they refer to it as a magazine it on the flipboard.com site – not sure on how often the magazine pages are updated – suppose it depends on how often new FaceBook or twitter posts come in on the accounts that you hook up Flipboard to.
but it looks really nice, a great to way to read the information. I will have to go back to the Flipboard site to read up on what it can do and how to set it up.

TextExpander on the iPad

I wondered why Textexpander wasn’t working in Simple Note at first but then I discovered that I had to sync over the snippets from the iMac or the Mac Book first. That was OK except that they would not go over from the iMac as I had just upgraded the Textexpander software on there to the latest version. I got the dialogue box on the iMac asking for permission to sync – I clicked it then nothing came across. So I went to the MacBook and declined the update to TE and did the same thing but this time it worked – I was able to get all my snippets into the iPad.- Handy that the it is kept in sync on the Macs by using dropbox. It would be great if the iPad used dropbox in a similar way. What Smile recommend is that you bring in the snippets via wifi and then have a separate group for snippets that you create on the iPad. for sending back to the desktop version of TextExpander. There you go – My iPad first impressions.