Computer attacks highlighted on the BBC

It was funny to see them talking about phishing attacks on the BBC news the other day. Geek news is now mainline news too. Funnier still was that they had a guy with a MacBook in front of him talking about the problem Google were having by being targeted in phishing attacks. Hope that great unwashed that is the general public didn’t think that having a Mac was part of the problem.

By Jonathan Fildes
Technology reporter, BBC News

More than 30,000 account details have been posted online
Google’s web-based e-mail system, Gmail, has been targeted as part of an “industry-wide phishing scheme”.
The firm said that it had immediately safeguarded the affected accounts.
BBC News has seen two lists that detail more than 30,000 names and passwords from e-mail providers, including Yahoo and AOL, which were posted online.
The lists also include details of thousands of Microsoft Hotmail users. Google said fewer than 500 of its accounts had been affected by the scam.

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