Jumpcut tool – indispensable on the Mac

Let me show you something about the tool I love using on the Mac called Jumpcut. I use it all the time and Keith Alperin the developer of Mercury Mover loves it to. Have you sent in your competition entries yet to WIN a copy of Mercury Mover and copy HighBrow. if not why not> 2 great tools you can get for free, nothing or zilch.

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2 thoughts on “Jumpcut tool – indispensable on the Mac

  1. Allison says:

    Does the MAC have a lot of the same commands as the PC? I noticed you used CTRL-V to paste. Thank you for your tutorial! I am still learning to use the MAC!

    1. WG_Mac20Q says:

      If I said Control V to Paste an item I really meant Command V to Paste an item.

      Although with Jumpcut there is a special command which is Control-Option-V which gets the items to paste from Jumpcut.

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