Cool Text Effects with Motion 5

Cool text effects – Motion 5 your animated text maker

When you are using Motion 5 new will be able to take advantage of the many built-in text effects. You can create cool text effects by using the behaviours and you can combine it with using keyframes to add extra movement. Motion 5 does an excellent job as an animated text creator and there are a number of styles that you can apply to the text also.

Animated text effects such as wiggly text

You can have your text in one spot and having movements that will wiggle the text or have it dance. Other things you can do with a text could be to make it into a cartoon text or a blinking text and numerous other movements. In the video below you will see that I use the behaviours which do a substitute effect where other letters shown before the correct letter appears and a behaviour which has the text flying in from the side of the screen. Motion 5 is a powerful animated text generatortool.

Positioning of the behaviours in the animation in Motion 5

When you are creating your animated text effects in the timeline of your animation you can drop a behaviour into the timeline so that the animation happens at a specific point. So you might use a text animation that has letters appearing and rotating in at the beginning of the animation and then have a different behaviour to deal with what happens at the end of your cool text effect. Some animated text effects in the motion 5 animated text creator will be more suited to using either in the middle of an animation or something that happens across the whole of the timeline.

Altering the behaviour of your text in the Motion 5 Inspector

It is possible for you to adjust your cool text effects in the Motion 5 by going to the Inspector. Depending upon the type of animated text effects that you have chosen you will have controls made available that you can adjust. For example it may be that you can alter the amount of rotation that is used within the behaviour. If you are creating some text that is a blinking text or is a content text then there can be some alterations you can use to affect how that animated text maker behaviour works. With some of the behaviours you will see that there are onscreen controls available to further enhance the movement of the text.

Distorted cool text effects in Motion 5

When you using motion five as an animated text creator to get your cool text effects then you will see that you can distort the shape of the letters. You can make it so that the shapes turn of the text on the screen into rubber, bouncy cartoon text that goes all over the place. These cool text animations can take place so that stuff happens for the whole length of the timeline or you can have it so that the animation happens to one letter at a time like a Mexican wave.

Animated text effects to make a video bug

Sometimes when you are watching television you will see a video bug in one of the corners of the screen. It may be that it is just a stationary and translucent icon or text which tells you which channel you are watching. That would be suitable for being there permanently on the screen. There are other locations where there will be an animated text up into the screen for two or three seconds that might be used as a reminder of other TV programmes coming up next. You might use a video bug of this kind to put in a you Tube video in order to remind the viewer to click and the like button or to subscribe to your YouTube channel. When you are using Motion 5 as an animated text creator you can have a lot of fun creating cool text effects to make your videos more fun looking.