Converting Word Documents on the iPad with Word 2 Text

Word documents on iPad

When you have been using Apple computers and in particular the iPad for some time, new patch will come to regard Microsoft Word and the documents from it as some kind of legacy entity. As you know from previous posts I am a huge fan of writing in text without all of the extra odds and sods that that Microsoft Word adds to a document. Writing in Markdown I see as a way forward because of the fact that whatever changes are made to document types over the next 10, 20 or even 50 years, markdown text documents will always be able to be read. So how do we deal with Word documents on iPad?

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iMage Tools

Review of Word 2 Text App for the iPad

This is a very simple application that allows you to pull in Word Documents on iPad and extract the text from that document so that it can be used and edited elsewhere. You may take documents that reside in your Dropbox folders. Word documents that have come to you from e-mail, documents in iCloud as well as documents that you have moved to the iPad via iTunes can all be opened in Word 2 Text. Once the conversion has taken place within the application you can copy the text to the clipboard with one click in the share menu. You may choose to open the converted text in another application which could be an application like Plain Text, SimpleNote, or any of the other text editors available for the iPad.

Convert all types of Word docs

Word 2 text review

There have been a number of revisions of the Microsoft Word document type and this application will open up both the documents that have the .Doc suffix and also the documents with the .Docx suffix. Once you have the text converted you can do what you want to with it and that might even be to use within Apple’s Pages application. If you already have Pages on your iPad then you might not need Word 2 Text for iPad as you can already open Word files within Pages.

A useful utility to convert Word documents on iPad

Send an e-mail attachment with the text as a file attached to the e-mail or just have the text within an e-mail are a couple options available. You may also share the text by tapping on the save as option in the share menu which will save it as a text file in your document folder. Within the Open In options in the share menu I can send text to mind mapping applications, Goodreader, Magicalpad, ThinkBook and even it is possible to send to my teleprompter application. Sending a large document to the mind mapping application iThoughts HD creates quite a weird looking mind map. I do like the way that I can change the size of the text with the pinch gestures.

Other applications from the same stable

Word 2 Text comes from the same developer that made the Textkraft, 1a Easy Writer and Schreibkraft applications – Infovole. It may well believe that the developers creating this application to be a partner to the other writing apps that they have released to the Mac App Store. Word-2-Text is also worth using to have the text of a word document searchable when in Evernote.

So with Word 2 Text you have an iPad converter for your iPad word documents, Good to know you can get a Word document on iPad and work easily with text on iPad.

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  1. We are excited to let you know that we released the universal-update 1.1 for Word-2-Text today. The app is now running on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
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