After you have seen this ScreenFlow tutorial you will want to do a ScreenFlow download.

Screen casting? Just do a ScreenFlow download to get started.

Either go to the Mac App Store or to the Telestream website to do a ScreenFlow download, so that you can try out, what I think is the best screen casting software for the Mac. You may decide to look for a ScreenFlow alternative, but if you want a professional screen casting software, then ScreenFlow is the one to get. I haven’t yet tried Camtasia, but I did try three other screen casting softwares before I got to ScreenFlow. ScreenFlow, for me is the best of the bunch by a long way and I have no intention of trying any other screen cast software.

Top tips in a ScreenFlow tutorial

In this latest Mac 20 Questions ScreenFlow tutorial / ScreenFlow demo I show you how to do in the timeline some advanced editing.

Wizardgold YouTube channel to see a ScreenFlow tutorial

I have produced other tutorials for ScreenFlow in the Wizardgold YouTube channel which cover the basics of using the Telestream ScreenFlow application. It is very simple indeed to set up a capture session, where you can decide how much you want to capture. Have a look at my ScreenFlow demo tutorials on YouTube, in which I show you how to capture the screen, computer audio, video from your iSight camera and also you can get audio from an external microphone. With the media that you capture you can easily edit it all, to create a top-quality screen cast that any YouTuber would be proud of.

Editing video in ScreenFlow

While I’m recording using ScreenFlow I often have spaces where I have paused, but the recording is still running and I need to edit these out of the video. By using the feature which allows me to set an in point and then an outpoint and then use the Command Backspace keyboard shortcut to do a ripple delete. By working this way I can be sure that all of the video which is to the right of the play head in the timeline stays in synchronisation. This is important because as I show in my ScreenFlow tutorials you need to have the voice over in the right place for the actions that are being demonstrated.

Screenflow tutorial screenflow download

Telestream ScreenFlow demo of new features in version 3

Although I tend to use the system of creating in points and out points for most of my video editing in ScreenFlow, there is the possibility to do a ripple delete by using the tool which is situated on the actual play head in the timeline. You can click and drag on the small red flag thing on the bottom of the playhead in the timeline. If you drag that to the right it will insert a gap where you might want to insert other media. If you move the play head tag to the left, then you will create a transition that will delete media as far as you drag. You do have to make sure that you don’t lose any audio by not dragging over the top of audio media that is to the left of the play head.

Creating professional screen casts with your ScreenFlow download

Occasionally I find that I do need to add extra voice-over tracks where I have maybe fluffed some words in the original recording. In ScreenFlow it is very easy to add extra recordings to media that you have already recorded previously and add over the top of your video. Or you can just use the new recording to replace something that went wrong before.

Telestream Screenflow

Exporting out of ScreenFlow

I have found that the quality of the video exported out of ScreenFlow is good enough that I could export directly into YouTube. Mostly though, I like to add a front title and a closing title in Final Cut Pro X, because I already have those bits set up and I can add them quicker in Final Cut.

Buy the Book

Dictation is three to four times faster than writing with a keyboard. In this book I go over all the things you should consider when you start with dictation. The best apps to use and how to get into the mind set of talking to your computer instead of pounding your fingers on a keyboard.


Nuance doesn’t support Mac dictation anymore with Dragon Dictate. You can still use the last version they made V6 with the latest Mac OS. I use it with Catalina and it works just as well as it used to.

I might do what some people do with running a virtual computer on my Mac with Windows. In that I will have the Windows version of Dragon Dictation. I don’t need to do that for now because it’s working fine. Maybe a project for the future. Or maybe the new accessibility dictation will improve.