File renaming app and More Motion 5 Tutorials

File renaming app – Rename video clips

I have been busy lately making videos / screencasts I have I think, fourteen Motion 5 tutorials to put into this site. I have also been making videos about using various Mac apps. The latest I made today is also pertinent to video makers. When you import the video clips from your camera you should make sure that the files are properly named and use something like the EXIF Renamer app to  do this. It will give you the file name based on what is in the EXIF meta data and be ready for you to bring into Final Cut Pro X. You could also use it for setting the time code of your video.


Video tutorial about renaming video with a file renaming app




I will not be doing any motion 4 tutorials, but you can expect more of the motion tutorials of the Motion 5 variety. I plan to make this a great place to come to to learn motion video animation with the latest Apple movie editing software. Video motion animation is easy enough in Motion 5 if you give yourself time to learn the app with a Motion tutorial or two. I have made about fifteen Motion 5 tutorials that are already posted on Youtube and I have loads more to do. Some of this I am learning and then making a video to show what I have learned. Learn to use Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X with me. I am having loads of fun diving into what Motion 5 video graphics animation editor from Apple, can do. It is a brilliant application for the creative amongst us. The stuff you can do with the virtual cameras in Motion 5 look exciting and I can’t wait to start using that to make some fly through type of video animations that I can then share with my readers. I would also be happy to hear from you too, if you have some ideas about areas of Motion 5 I could cover on this site. Have a look at the post about motion 5 text effects