Learning Motion 5 – So many controls in the Inspector that you can do amazing stuff

Changing the settings and getting Motion 5 to do what you want

The behaviours that you apply to objects or elements in Motion 5 is what makes it all work. You can get into the inspector and tinker with all sorts of settings that will affect the way that your final video animation looks in the final export out or sharing.

Learning Motion 5 – Export out using the Share Menu

I always used to look for an Export option on the file menu but now it is about sharing your stuff rather that the more technical term of export. You can share out your creative work in Motion to video sharing sites directly to YouTube or Vimeo and you can even shoose to send out by email. I would expect that the size of that file would be crunched as much as possible and the dimensions of a video would also be much smaller.

Learning Motion 5 – Publishing to use directly in Final Cut Pro

Most of the effects in FCPX are made in Motion, The transitions, filters and effects are created in Motion. So why not make your own custom things for Final Cut and save them or share them out so that you can choose them in the Themes or lists of things you can use. There are lower thirds and other titles that you can get at and even alter by doing a right click in FCPX and then it being saved as a copy to use as you will. I have done a couple of those myself and it does save me time later.