Decisions – iPad 3 expected release date – Which iPad to buy?

IPad 3 best buy

Now that the day is finally upon us the faithful Apple fans, the question is for many, which is the iPad 3 best buy? You can put away the iPad locator. Well I say that the day is upon us, but there are still many countries in Europe that will have to wait until next week before the iPad 3 surfaces. The new iPad, which everybody has been talking about since the iPad 3 launch happened in San Francisco about a week ago, has been landing in the hands of fans in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia. At least the gap between its becoming available in those areas is smaller than has been experienced on previous iPad or iPhone launches. So those of us fans that are not lucky enough to get the new iPad on day one, won’t have too long to wait before being able to enjoy the new iPad 3.

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Which iPad to buy – Still a tough decision

For the truly dedicated followers of the iPad 3 concept, only the latest and greatest will suffice. There will be some people that will be happy to get their hands on the iPad 2, which is still being made available, but at a lower price. A saving of about $100 is not to be sniffed at. The true iPad fans will have made an iPad 3 pre- order and will have taken the day off to sit in the living room twitching the curtains, keeping an eye out for the arrival of the FedEx van. Then again, you might say that the true iPad fan will have been camped out, outside an Apple Store since last week waiting for the iPad 3 launch to hit the retail stores. It might only be a computer, but it is a very lovely iPad 3 concept tablet computer which is the best in the world of this sort of device.

A new iPad 3 design – A conundrum, which iPad to buy

Aside from the fact that you can now choose from the iPad 2 and the new iPad 3 design, you still have to work out whether you are going to get an iPad that is Wi-Fi only or has 3G/4G. I know that I said that my next iPad I would be buying would be the version that had full mobile connectivity included, but the extra $129 would probably mean waiting longer to have sufficient cash available. Certainly having the full mobile always on Internet, would be much better than carrying around a MiFi unit. All that is required is a little bit of patience and the fortitude to wait that little bit longer to get the new iPad 3 design, and then choose which iPad to buy.

Which iPad to buy

iPad 3 camera is improved greatly

iPad 3 expected release date

I would suspect that it is part of the planning by Apple to have these sorts of revisions. The iPad 3 camera could have been of a better quality in the previous version, just as the iPad original version could have had a camera included also. I expect now that the plan will be for the iPad 4, or iPad fourth-generation to give it its full title, will have a slightly better spec for the installed camera also. The computer maker from Cupertino have to leave some wiggle room for improvements to the iPad 3, so that the fans will also be clamouring for the next version of the iPad. In fact, I expect that it may only be a week or two before the fan boys start to speculate and begin to create rumours about what will be in the iPad 4. It may even only be a matter of months before the rumours surface, regards the technical composition of an iPad 5.

No point in looking for iPad 3 deals yet.

On account of the iPad 3 HD only just being launched, there is no reason to expect that there will be any iPad 3 deals to be had. There are indeed some people in countries that are not due to get the latest new iPad for some time, that would be prepared to pay over the odds, in order to get an iPad 3 HD with Retina display, sooner rather than later. While there may not be any iPad 3 deals, then it would be a good time to look out for bargains of the older models. You may decide to check out the Apple refurbished iPad store and get an iPad 2 for a good price. On the other hand there will be quite a few owners of the original iPad and also the Apple iPad 2 that will be selling their iOS tablet devices by various means. This is all part of the general iPad 3 mania that will see millions of the new iPad 3 devices land in the hands of the devotees.

iPad 3 cases

Although the iPad 3 is slightly thicker than the previous version, iPad 2, many of the cases will be good as iPad 3 cases. The difference in thickness may only be a problem with one or two cases that have tighter tolerances. For many people it may be a good idea to try the new iPad 3 in the case that they have already, before going out and buying a new iPad 3 case. You could well find that the case that you have already will do the job for you.

The iPad 3 expected release date for Europe

So now that the fans in the Americas and the United Kingdom have their new iPad 3 in their sticky little fingers, the rest of us need only to wait a little while longer before we can get one too. There are reports from the Apple world of computing, in the podcasts and in the blogging reports, that there are long waits to be had due to the speed with which the inventory of iPad 3 has been selling through the pre-orders. So to make an iPad 3 pre-order now people have been saying there are delivery times of around 2 to 3 weeks. One would hope that the iPad 3 computers that are destined for the European countries, have been ring fenced so that there is not a longer wait to get the new iPad. Do you know now, which iPad to buy?

Un-boxings and hands-on reports on the internet of the iPad 3

Which iPad to buy

I have already seen on Twitter, pictures of the UPS van pulling up outside the houses of the lucky people that managed to get in a pre-order of the new iPad. Also there have been reports of wives of fans returning from the shop to tell their husbands that they saw the iPad for sale while in Tesco’s. Some wives were able to snigger as the husband was still checking the Internet for the tracking services of the delivery company and wondering why they still hadn’t got their iPad. There have been photos posted on Twitter showing the difference between the screen of the iPad 2 and the new high-resolution retina display now available on the new iPad 3. At least there will now be fewer questions such as, when will the new iPad come out now that the iPad 3 release date has arrived. Have you got yours yet? What do you think of it so far? I am looking forward to seeing Scrivener iPad