Keyframes and Behaviors in Motion 5

Use behaviors in Motion 5 when making video

Using key frames is good but using behaviours can be better. You can get the same thing but with less work with a behaviour and you can even put a few behaviours together and have a rig. I will be making a video to show how to use a rig in Motion. Have a look now at this video to see the basics of keyframes and behaviours used individually. There are a lot of things to consider when you are making a video for YouTube. I have noticed too that the old school types still like to talk about cutting video like would be done in the old days of using a blade to splice actual film stock. Digital is pretty amazing and you couldn’t go back to analogue for making video. Keyframing for motion video is pretty easy with Motion 5 on the Mac.

Back to screencasting for YouTube

I use ScreenFlow and I can do most of my editing in that excellent Mac screencast application and even export directly out of it to YouTube. I prefer to do some editing in Final Cut Pro X when I am making video, as I have some extras set up ready to go in a project that I use as a template.

What is video motion or x motion ?